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Cozy, bright and functional spaces start with precision framing. We take care of all structural needs, insulation, plumbing, electrical, drywall, mudding and all the little details that bring life into your new found space. With Krys Construction, your renovated space will be better than ever imagined.

  1. Built by professionals

    There is safety in building codes and we know them all

    We are not just any company. We work with you to explain any basement building code so that you can be confident with all design decisions. With us, there is never surprises.

  2. Made for everyday living

    Our goal is to maximize your living space

    We help you establish a balance between functional and leisure living spaces. Add a wet bar, home gym or even a sauna! Take advantage of all the space your home has to offer and make it a reality.

  3. Convenient and on-time

    "Piecing together" your basement is never ideal and can be expensive.

    Avoid yearly and messy incremental builds. Within a few weeks, we can be done. Krys Construction conveniently works within your schedule to get the job done; on-time and with great quality.

Every year the Ontario Building Codes change and we comply.

Krys construction makes it all right with legitimate construction standards. We are open to questions about Ontario Building Codes (OBC) and can assure compliances are met with both quality and peace of mind.

Meet Krysztof Bajewicz

Krysztof, "Krys", is in charge of all company operations — this includes your renovation. Krys is present and ready to outline the full details of your new space. With 15 years of residential and commercial building experience, he is a true hands-on craftsman. As a framing specialist himself, Krys will discuss all the possibilities of a designated space to maximize the living space being renovated. Setting the pace for design projects, Krys and team will consistently deliver on-time and on budget with top ratings by satisfaction homeowner. Krys assures the quality and integrity for the space structure is never compromised — making the final transformation into a beautiful living space.